June 15, 2021, 5:54 am

Departure is not only limited to the physical transfer of human beings from one place to another but also has a broader definition. It is an issue that has become more and more common in the last decade with a new wave among the youth in Iran. Although the economic problems prevailing in the country have made this practice more difficult than ever, in a way it has increased the motivation of people to migrate. By examining man as a social being, the more people decide to migrate, the newer people are encouraged to do so. And it is these conditions that govern life that lead man to a new choice.
A tall column planted in the ground can be seen while its surfaces are covered with four mirrors that represent the global image in which the artist is located. There are four water reservoirs on its four geographical sides and it evokes the atmosphere of an Iranian temple and ritual using the tradition of pouring water on the back of the traveler to return to health. In this installation, I will address the issue of immigration, and especially the new wave of immigration that affects most of the young people in society. During this performance, using the executive element by reading the names and destinations of the immigrants, and covering the mirror with mud, I perform a ritual and thus address the concerns of my generation.