Sufficient Framework

June 15, 2020, 3:42 am

In today’s world, many media and events meet our “need for entertainment”, and have become popular with the flood of strange and meaningless words and texts, and saturate us every day. These words, phrases, and generally sounds, often form our workspace, useless activities, or our media communications. They are designed to “consumerism” culture and the content of our daily lives. We take little time to spend on interpersonal conversations and about ourselves, honestly and thoughtfully. This is where we prefer to keep quiet and remain silent, instead of a useless speech.
The video entitled «The Sufficient Framework» points to the fact that: Meaning is not in words, messages, and sentences, but it is in our existence as human beings. Words alone have no meaning, but they are things we learn. It refers to the obstacles we face in today’s world; Despite the expansion of communication facilities even with the whole world and using different languages, we are often unable to express what we feel, because these statements do not fit into a predetermined context of conversations and conventional and usual mood.
I am looking for a safe space, out of reach of stimulus and purposeful communication authorities that want to force us to speak in order to obtain the desired result, and thus to get the opportunity to persuade and satisfy me. “Sufficient Framework” takes us to a place that is like the time before we were born and formed. This is where we begin to hear, “We hear!” This hearing is involuntary at the beginning. Our skill initiates when we are determined to use it with a specific intention, and in this case, we learn to speak as the first technique or art. It is a technique that includes a complete system of vocal and phonic contractual symbols by which humans can influence and control others.