The Other

June 15, 2019, 3:31 am

The Other is an installation and performance on criticizing the role of contemporary man in capitalist society. Today’s fashion is not only focused on clothes, but this trend has dominated all aspects of human life. In addition to how we dress, fashion trends determine our body shape, face, and even the type of relationships we have with humans and guide our way of life. It creates a kind of self-destructiveness and social alienation and affects public acceptance. The more we immerse ourselves in this process, the less we become aware of it. This installation and performance is an attempt to portray and reveal the relation of modern man to the fashion current revived in the capitalist system and the determinism governing our authority exercised by this (other great) current. A current that is the manifestation of the capitalist, patriarchal, and colonialist structures that, hand in hand, make contemporary man mentally lethargic and make him a creature with predictable activities and even creativity; The cage we are in without knowing it, while we are repeating the meaningless.