Walking: Two, in three steps

Every so often, as our walks go on for extended periods of time, we soon forget about the physical motion of our legs. This simple loop keeps repeating itself until it is dissolved in the endless sea of the mind, time, and space. As if everything is only happening inside the human brain. To accompany someone for a walk is an inseparable aspect of the world of walking.
As we walk simultaneously alongside someone, a continuous process forms. The passing of time and space at the same pace results in the creation of a particular kind of relationship. At times, the harmony of our footsteps finds its way to our hearts. the simultaneous walk creates a common element that not only meddles with our perception of time and space but also forms a bridge between the two souls. When the feet touch the ground and are lifted at the same time, it seems like the two people enter a different dimension. It feels as if their sense of rhythm and harmony has joined them as a third individual; Following them along the way. A feeling which I have always found exceptionally immersive and deep.